Remembrance by: Alisa Chatinsky nee Wheeler —

My message to Chelly and the wonderful community of Prescott–Words cannot express my sorrow. Your beautiful, kind, thoughtful, non-stoppable grandmother was such an important person in so many people’s lives. She was the epitome of grace. Her charm radiated around her and touched me and countless others. I often think of the days we spent together at the Goodwin Street office. How lucky we were to have her at reception – no one better to greet a person at the door or on the phone. She made everyone feel as though they were the most important person in the world. I arrived to the office one day only to gag from the odor of skunk. I hurried out the door, whisking her with me. She was surprised…”I simply thought someone was brewing strong coffee,” is what she said! We got a great laugh from that!

One time Elisabeth ended up in the ER. I don’t recall where George, Melissa or your mom were, but she called me for a ride home. I was so concerned, she simply shrugged it off. To thank me for my simple gesture, she gave me a silver spoon rest, which I have and cherish to this day.

I remember during an excessive heatwave, Dave and I brought her a portable evaporative cooler to her home off Copper Basin. She was so appreciative and never forgot our gesture, making our little act of kindness feel like we had just crowned her queen of the world. In my heart and many others, she will is the queen and will always be the “Grande Dame of Prescott.”

How lucky you were to have her in your life for so long! And for her to witness the birth of your two beautiful daughters. Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures on FB.

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