Remembrance by: Dusty Baker —

My parents retired to Prescott Valley over thirty years ago, and while they weren’t that deep into the ‘community’, they did pay attention to the local goings on and by whom.
As my father aged, he began needing more assistance and care, so five years ago I left my life on the Oregon Coast behind moved into his Prescott Valley home as caregiver.
From the very beginning of my new life in the area, I became familiar with the name Elisabeth Ruffner. Seems quite often when I opened the local paper she was mentioned. I asked father about her, and he told me he had been hearing about Elisabeth for the last 32 years, and all she did for Prescott and Community. The word he used describing her was ‘tireless’.
Then I asked him, so, what does she do?
“She RUNS the place.”

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