Remembrance by: Dave Ryder —

I had the distinct honor of working with Elisabeth on several occasions over the years, particularly when she was a presenter and later as the chair of the local host committee in Prescott during our Arizona Historic Preservation Conferences. I loved her tenacity, perseverance, and total commitment to the importance of historic preservation in Prescott and throughout Arizona. Her passion for the cause was without equal and it was a joy to see her in action. I was also delighted to be present when she was inducted into the Arizona Women’s Hall of Fame along with Sandra Day O’Connor. I cannot think of two more deserving long-time residents of Arizona who give so unselfishly of their time to our state. Elisabeth was radiant that day; I can still see her glowing in the auditorium. With gratitude for all she did and who she was, and to the Ruffner family for sharing her with us.

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