Remembrance by: Stuart Jean Mattson/Gene Fougner —

Such a loss. We were so happy to have Elisabeth in our life. There were several times together that I could share but the ‘Bathroom’ story is my favorite. We were having lunch with Dinny Henze at Alta Vista. Elisabeth asked Dinny where the bathrooms were and was told behind us. Gene was going to help Elisabeth but she declined. So off she went, Gene deciding to use the bathroom also followed. When they returned Elisabeth asked Gene if his bathroom was Unisex. We asked why and Elisabeth responded that there was a man in the bathroom. Gene then responded he thought the bathroom he used was different because there were pictures of women all over. Elisabeth had used the men’s bathroom and Gene the women’s. Well we were in tears laughing so hard. I never let her off the hook, when we would plan another lunch I would say we would be happy to go to lunch with her but maybe we needed to go to another local community! And I gave Elisabeth a book vest like I had and she was pleased with the gift. Had it altered and wore it frequently. I will try to get a picture of she and I in our matching vest. Regards, Stuart Jean Mattson & Gene Fougner

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